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Laser Hair Removal

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Treatment Time

10-45 Minutes



Sessions Required


Discomfort Level



What does Vancouver Medi Spa use for laser hair removal?

Nd: YAG laser systems with cold air cooling  technology gave the best possibilities to adjust treatment parameters to the individual cases and thus optimize treatment efficacy

Erbium is an extremely well built versatile platform with a large range of applications more than 50 FDA cleared applications from areas of Aesthetic, Dermatology, Surgery, ENT, Podiatry, Ophthalmology and Gynecology.

Is this treatment safe and give effective results?

The success of hair reduction treatments depends largely on a patient’s skin and hair type, as well as the skills and treatment insight of the practitioner. Most patients can expect a significant reduction in unwanted hair, and any future hair growth will usually be thinner and lighter, and thus much less pronounced than before.

What is a successful treatment?

Successful hair removal treatments require light to penetrate deep into the skin because it is necessary to destroy the entire follicle. Depending on the location on the body, light must penetrate 2 to 7 mm into the skin to be effective.

The optical properties of human skin are determined by two processes: absorption and scattering of light.

There are 4 phases in a follicle growth cycle:

Early Growth, Active growth, Regression, and Resting.

This is important because a follicle in an Active Growth phase has a greater blood supply and is more susceptible to treatment.

A resting follicle has less blood supply and will not be affected by treatment.

This is true for all forms of permanent hair removal.

Why laser hair removal?

Unwanted body and facial hair is a common problem for many men and women of all skin types. Laser hair treatments are a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve permanent hair reduction. These treatments deliver outstanding results, saving you time and money!

Who can get laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments traditionally work best on people with fair skin and dark hair since the light from the laser does not get absorbed by dark pigments in the skin surrounding the hair follicle. However, devices with longer wavelengths, such as “Nd: YAG” lasers, have the ability to treat darker skin types, as they can reach the deepest hair follicles with lower light absorption by the surrounding skin.

Note: we do not perform below the belt for men.

What if I have darker skin?

The Fotona Dynamics Nd: YAG laser can be used on all skin types. It uses an exclusive method of laser delivery called Avalanche FRAC3. The Avalanche method helps reduce discomfort and improves the efficacy of the treatment for darker skin tones. This scientifically proven method is based on a technique by which the absorption of laser light in the hair follicle is increased with each successively delivered laser pulse.

What can I expect?

Because hair grows in cycles, several treatments are necessary to achieve permanent results. You can expect anywhere from 10-25% hair reduction with each treatment, and the regrowth following treatments is usually lighter and finer.

Body treatments are performed 7-12 sessions every 6-8 weeks and face can be 7-12 sessions every 4-6 weeks.

Pre & Post

Before your treatment 

Please shave the entire area you desire treated the day before your planned your laser hair removal treatment.

Razors will no longer be available to clients.

Avoid exfoliating like Retin-A, alpha beta hydroxyl acid, alcohol toners or any irritating creams for one week prior to your treatment.

Do not apply any perfumes, deodorant or makeup to the desired area the day of your treatment.

Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 or greater sun block before and after your treatment.

No artificial tanning which includes tanning beds and spray tans anytime within 2-3 weeks before your treatment.
After your treatment

The hair may appear to grow for up to two weeks.

This is simply the treated hair being shed from the follicle.

Immediately after your laser hair removal treatment there likely will be some slight redness, swelling around the hair follicles and mild discomfort similar to sunburn. Cool packs may be applied.

You may also notice during and immediately after your session the smell of burned hairs this is normal.

Avoid swimming pools and spas treated with chemicals or chlorine until the skin returns to its normal condition.

Between treatments, do not wax or pluck your hair, but shaving is allowed.

On any facial areas treated, you must not have any facials or peels until skin returns to normal condition.

No deodorant for 24 to 48 hours if underarm was treated.

Do not rub, or pick the treated area. Do not use any loofahs or abrasive scrubs for at least 5 days.

Avoid strenuous sports activities or hot water/ saunas/ jacuzzi for 3 days.

If a crust develops, apply Aloe twice daily, to keep the area moist until healed.

Contact our office if the area shows signs of infection or blistering.

Continue to use sunblock for the duration of your treatments.

Scheduling Your Next Treatment

Shaving is recommended between sessions and the day prior to your next appointment.

Your session typically is scheduled in four weeks for facial areas, six weeks for Brazilian and underarms and eight weeks for the body.

Interruption of this schedule may cause less than optimal results.

Between treatments, do not Electrolysis, waxing, threading, tweezing or plucking is to be avoided between sessions, however, shaving is encouraged.

Is there any clinical studies?