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Unwanted Hair & Ingrown Hair’s

Unwanted & Ingrown Hair

Vancouver MediSpa, under the exceptional leadership of Kam, truly deserves every bit of praise it receives. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with warmth and professionalism. Kam is not only highly skilled and knowledgeable but also genuinely caring, ensuring every visit is a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The facilities are top-notch, impeccably clean, and equipped with the latest technology. Kam’s dedication to providing the best skincare solutions is evident in every aspect of the clinic. I couldn’t be happier with the results I’ve achieved here.
Tario Sultan
Tario Sultan
I have been dealing with acne and insecurities around my skin since I was a young girl, and I've tried everything! ...... Till I met Kam and her blessed Medi Spa. This woman is more than an aesthetician, she cares deeply about who I am and gives it her all to provide the best results--WHICH ARE MIRACULOUS! Thank you Vancouver Medi Spa, for your humble, warm, and delivering clinic. Laser is amazing, and Kam provides a plethora of education from A to Z. My face is now clear after 2 sessions...Something I dreamed of having since a young girl. The place is so clean, and filled with positivity. I especially love the ambiance of music and mantras that play in her spa during the sessions. She truly goes above and beyond to make her clients happy. :) Top laser medi spa in Vancouver for sure!!!!! Won't anything like this anywhere else. God Bless!
Sandra Al Hunaidi
Sandra Al Hunaidi
KAM IS AMAZING! The service is wonderful, FOTONA 4D!! Game changer. Thank you so much for the hospitality and great service. This is the BEST medi spa on the map.
sandra alhunaidi
sandra alhunaidi
This review is for genuine knoweldge and kindness of kam. I went there for consultation and to get skin treatment but kam instead suggested i need to focus on my diet and be healthy from inside. She did not try to grab money like other estheticians. She suggested i should come back again once i get on track with my diet.
Manu Wr
Manu Wr
I have been getting laser treatments from Kam for the past few months. She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and professional. I’ve had laser treatments in the past that haven’t worked, so I was worried about investing in more. However, Kam did multiple test patches to see how my skin/ hair would react before charging me for any full treatments. I’m happy with my progress so far and can’t say enough good things about Kam!
Isabel Gittins
Isabel Gittins
Kam is super professional she knows what she is doing. Also she makes you feel so comfortable and welcomed. I’d recommend to anyone her clinic. Don’t hesitate to contact her.
Monika Dienes
Monika Dienes
I just love how Kam takes care of me, she really did great on my skin. Now I'm smooth as butter no need to shave. She even advised me on how to take care of my skin properly. I will definitely come back and highly recommend Vancouver Medispa.
Angelita Velasquez
Angelita Velasquez


Unwanted & Ingrown Hair Treatments

Achieving smooth, hair-free skin can boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance.

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Laser Hair Reduction

Reduces hair growth, Minimizes ingrown hairs

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Hair Removal

Targets multiple hair types, Minimizes ingrown hairs

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Nd:YAG Laser Hair Removal

Safe for all skin types, Targets deep hair follicles

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Vancouver Medi Spa

Why Choose Us For Dehydrated Skin Treatments

we understand that you may have concerns about laser hair removal, particularly regarding potential pain, skin sensitivity, and the effectiveness of the treatment on different hair types and skin tones. Rest assured, our experienced professionals prioritize your comfort and safety throughout the process.

We utilize advanced laser technologies equipped with cooling mechanisms to minimize discomfort during treatment, ensuring a more comfortable experience. Moreover, before each session, we conduct comprehensive skin assessments to tailor the treatment to your specific needs, reducing the risk of adverse reactions.


Acne Treatments We Offer in Vancouver, BC

  • Benefits: Reduces hair growth, Minimizes ingrown hairs
  • How It Works: Laser energy targets the melanin in the hair follicles, damaging them to inhibit future growth and preventing ingrown hairs.
  • Pre and Post Instructions: Shave the treatment area before sessions, Avoid sun exposure post-treatment, Use gentle skincare products to soothe the skin.
  • Results: Gradual reduction in hair growth and occurrence of ingrown hairs, with optimal results seen over multiple sessions.
  • Clinical Studies: Clinical studies have shown the efficacy and safety of laser hair reduction for long-term hair removal and prevention of ingrown hairs.


  • Benefits: Targets multiple hair types, Minimizes ingrown hairs
  • How It Works: Broad-spectrum light targets melanin in the hair follicles, effectively reducing hair growth and preventing ingrown hairs.
  • Pre and Post Instructions: Shave the treatment area before sessions, Avoid sun exposure and exfoliating products post-treatment, Use moisturizers to hydrate the skin.
  • Results: Reduction in hair growth and occurrence of ingrown hairs, with noticeable improvements seen after a series of treatments.
  • Clinical Studies: Clinical studies support the effectiveness of IPL hair removal for reducing hair growth and preventing ingrown hairs in various skin types.
  • Benefits: Safe for all skin types, Targets deep hair follicles
  • How It Works: Nd:YAG laser penetrates deeper into the skin, targeting melanin in the hair follicles to inhibit growth and minimize ingrown hairs.
  • Pre and Post Instructions: Shave the treatment area before sessions, Avoid sun exposure and harsh skincare products post-treatment, Apply soothing creams to calm the skin.
  • Results: Reduction in hair growth and occurrence of ingrown hairs, particularly effective for darker skin tones.
  • Clinical Studies: Clinical studies have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of Nd:YAG laser hair removal for long-term hair reduction and prevention of ingrown hairs, even in darker skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Our Services Work

Hair Reduction: Reduces the growth of unwanted hair in treated areas.

    1. Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Minimizes the occurrence of ingrown hairs, leading to smoother skin.
    2. Long-Term Results: Provides long-lasting hair reduction, reducing the need for constant maintenance.

Hair Reduction: Laser energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles, heating and damaging them to inhibit future growth.

    1. Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Laser treatment removes existing ingrown hairs and prevents new ones from forming by destroying hair follicles.
    2. Long-Term Results: Multiple sessions of laser treatment target hair follicles at different growth stages, ensuring comprehensive hair reduction over time.
  • Pre-Instructions:

    1. Hair Reduction: Shave the treatment area before sessions to ensure the laser energy targets the hair follicles directly.
    2. Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Avoid waxing or plucking hairs before treatment to allow the laser to effectively target the hair follicles.
    3. Long-Term Results: Inform your provider about any medications, medical conditions, or recent sun exposure that may affect treatment outcomes.


    1. Hair Reduction: Avoid sun exposure and heat treatments for a few days post-treatment to prevent irritation.
    2. Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Use gentle skincare products and moisturizers to soothe the treated area and minimize the risk of irritation.
    3. Long-Term Results: Follow up with scheduled treatment sessions as recommended by your provider to maintain long-term hair reduction results.
  • Hair Reduction: Noticeable reduction in hair growth after each session, with optimal results achieved over multiple sessions.
  • Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Decreased occurrence of ingrown hairs and smoother, clearer skin texture.
  • Long-Term Results: Long-lasting hair reduction, providing patients with smoother, hair-free skin for an extended period.
  • Hair Reduction: A clinical study conducted over six months showed an average hair reduction of 80% in treated areas, with minimal side effects reported.
  • Prevention of Ingrown Hairs: Research involving patients prone to ingrown hairs demonstrated a significant decrease in ingrown hair occurrence after laser treatment, improving overall skin texture and appearance.
  • Long-Term Results: Longitudinal studies following patients over several years post-treatment consistently showed sustained hair reduction, with many patients reporting high levels of satisfaction with their results.


Conveniently Located In Vancouver, BC

Conveniently nestled in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, Vancouver Medi Spa offers easy access to premium aesthetic treatments at our centrally situated location on 1086 Hornby Street. Operating from 10 am to 8 pm every day, our extended hours cater to your busy schedule, ensuring that you can prioritize self-care and beauty enhancement at a time that works best for you. Whether you’re a local resident or visiting the vibrant city of Vancouver, our prime location makes it effortless to indulge in a rejuvenating spa experience and discover the transformative benefits of our advanced treatments.

Vancouver Medi Spa

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If you’re ready to take the first step towards achieving your aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation with us today. During your consultation, our experienced team will assess your unique needs and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to you. 

Whether you’re interested in laser hair restoration, pigmented lesion removal, or any of our other services, we’re here to help you look and feel your best. Contact us at 604-620-1772 or email us at info@vancouvermedispa.ca to book your consultation now.

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