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Vancouver Medi Spa

Established in 2014

Vancouver Medi Spa is located at 1060 Hornby Street, in the heart of Downtown, Vancouver. We are open Monday to Sunday from 10am-8pm.

Our team of highly trained beauty miracle workers provide medical aesthetic treatments for all skin types, at affordable prices. We use advanced medical laser technology, non-surgical, and non-invasive treatments, to correct and enhance your beauty and wellness. We offer a variety of treatments such as; laser hair removal, vaginal rejuvenation, nail fungus therapy, lip remodelling and the list goes on.

Visit our online store to view a variety of products from nobel prize winning skincare to luxury natural deodorants.

Get in touch with us today about our professional non-invasive treatments, and comfortable one-on-one service. Or drop into our clinic, located in Downtown, Vancouver, for a complimentary consultation.

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THE BEST! Very professional, personable, and accommodating. Great location and space. Highly Recommend.


I had a micro laser peel and some fractional laser done just before xmas. I waited a month to check out the results on my skin and they are excellent! Though I do know it takes multiple treatments to get full results, I can definitely see the improvement. Kam is very thorough and a great value compared to other places. She is passionate and takes her time with attention to detail. Other places I've been rushed in and out. I recommend this place!


There aren't a lot of people in the beauty industry that will be honest and real with their clients. Instead they will play on your insecurities and see you as a transaction. Kam has always told me straight up how to tackle my problems, change my lifestyle and be better. No bullshit. I have so much respect for people like her. How blessed are we that someone in Vancouver genuinely cares about helping people overcome their self doubt? I can't wait to get my face and tightened again and start working on my body. By the way, this is Eva Lam from Fuck Bad Hair and I don't associate with people who don't love their craft as much as I do.

Eva L

Kam has a cute elegant little studio. So welcoming and cosy . Kam not only is an wizard with her laser wand but is a true artist is discovering beauty. I have been going to Kam since December and have been more than satisfied each time I go. I love her meditative music and her price is truly the best in the city. My roseacia is under control and I look and feel 10 years younger. Thanks Kam your the best

LOVE Kam! It's hard not to! She's professional, extremely knowledgeable and isn't afraid to tell you no if she feels like a certain procedure won't be the best fit for you, which is invaluable. During my full face laser procedure, Kam kept me relaxed and informed on what she was doing. She was so generous and went above and beyond just what I was paying to have done. I can't wait to go back for more sessions in the future! It can be scary trusting someone with you face, so I'm pumped to know that I can trust Kam with mine!

Emily L

Today was my first time at the Vancouver Medispa and I will definitely be going back! Kam is amazing and so knowledgeable. I was nervous and hesitant going in for my skin consult because I have been to so many other medi spas and had bad experiences but after talking to Kam and her sharing her knowledge of the skin and laser treatments with me I felt at ease and had my first appointment. I can't wait to go in for my next appointment and I would recommend Kam to anyone, she's awesome!


Kam is my next door neighbour, so of course I am going to try out her services... The place is cute and beautifully finished so it was a plus! I usually go all the way out to Coquitlam to my laser girl with my friends, but decided to stay local this time around. We were not disappointed! I have sent over 4 girls to Kam, each one of them having a more than perfect experience. I decided to do the hair on my face and upper lip (who wants noticeable peach fuzz on your face?), as well as my underarms and Brazilian - I was sooooo frightened that the laser would be unbearably painful like it usually is for me... but when Kam did a test patch on my arm, I was so tense and was expecting tiny knives jabbing me, but was pleasantly surprised when all I felt was a very cold object running up my arm. This was all I felt! I was giggling the entire time, only because I was still expecting to feel the pain somewhere during the treatment... yet I didn't feel a thing for my underarms. When it came time for my Brazilian, I was sure this is where I would feel some sort of discomfort. Again, NO PAIN! The laser felt so cold that it was actually soothing and relaxing. Kam is very knowledgable in the laser machine, as well as the facial products she carries and is very easy to talk to. I even felt comfortable when she was doing my Brazilian, something that usually isn't the most comforting of services. I am glad Kam decided to move in next door, and can't wait to get my legs and arms lasered as well! I am on the road to a hairless body, and Kam is going to help me get there. Thank you!

Mika M

Kam is amazing! She is super knowledgable about skin care and the science behind the facial products she use. I really felt like I got a very high end facial and my skin looks like it did when I was a kid!! I didn't expect that. She is a nice and easy person to be around which is relaxing during the facial procedure. Her shop is super cute too! I will definitely come back to get a facial when I'm in Vancouver again

Katie D

Kam is very knowledgeable about procedures to help you look and feel your best. She has the right equipment and training. Her location is convenient. I recommend her services. Five-stars.


Kam at Vancouver medi spa has changed my life, I was always super insecure about the hair growth on my face and after researching extensively I came across Vancouver medi spa! Upon my first consultation I was feeling very comfortable, she has the knowledge and experience in what she does and educated me well in the types of services I was looking for, she's never pushy and has never made me feel uncomfortable. After my first full facial laser hair removal session I saw instant result! The hair was hardly growing back and now after 5-6 sessions I barely have any hair growth!!! My skin looks so clear and I feel so much more confident. I owe it all to her! I'm already onto my underarms and will definitely be taking up other services such as facial rejuvenation. Thank you Vancouver media spa for all you do. Very professional and a relaxing atmosphere using the highest quality products and state of the art technology 🙂 and to mention that Kam is just a wonderful human being who makes everyone welcome feels like I've known her for years!

Anna A

Now that I have been to the Medi spa a couple of times for laser skin resurfacing and a laser peel. I would recommend Kam to anyone. She very professional and knowledgable of what treatments would work best for my skin. In just couple of treatments my skins texture looks smoother, clear and the tone is more even. Honestly she has change my skin, I am so happy with the results. I plan to go back for another treatment very soon.


After having a couple treatments at Medi Spa I am happy to recommend. Kam has an excellent consultation process where she answers all your question and goes over all the information you need to know in regards to your treatment. Not only did I leave happy with the results of my treatment but I also left the Spa more educated. Kam is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Medi Spa!

Marilyn A

Kam is pro technician. She carefully analyzed my concerns and my results are amazing! Thank you for taking care of me!


I've never had such an amazing consultation in my life. I don't have a deep understanding on skin care and body care but Vancouver medispa got me hooked! Kam was extremely passionate, knowledgable and informative about the services she offered. This is a woman that knows her craft. I carried no apprehension on whether I was being upsold on services I didn't need because everything she recommended aligned with my existing intents when booking. I even showed interest in some of her most high priced services and she told me it wasn't necessary and pointed me in the right direction. Her space was clean, beautifully set up, sanitary and professional. I felt completely comfortable during my services. During my entire service kam kept filling my brain with more in depth knowledge on how the services worked and what was happening internally, it's extremely comforting having a technician that knows the in's and outs of their system. **UPDATE: its two weeks after my hot sculpting service. I've been to many competing medispas, but Vancouver Medispa has my business after my amazing experience! After just 1 treatment I've already noticed a huge reduction in my midsection. She recommended 3 sessions which is mind blowing because my old clinic recommended 7. I'm a client for life!

Bee L

Kam is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and she understands my needs. I came in for a consultation for lip remodeling and she gave me the honest truth. I appreciate how she took the time to explain the process, but of course be sure to do your research before hand just in case you have any questions she will be able to clear up. I highly recommend her and I will be definitely back in the future. 🙂

Jocelyn C

I finally went in and got facial laser hair removal done. Kam made sure my hairline all over was even and complimented my face shape. I also had an initial shaving session done as I've never shaved my face before, which is necessary to prep for the session. Overall, it was quick, relatively comfortable, and seemingly effortless! Also, her prices are so reasonable for someone who is reputable! Can't wait to come back for my next session and most likely other treatments in the future 🙂


Kam is awesome! I always look forward to seeing her. She goes above and beyond to make sure your treatment is done correctly, which is much appreciated. She is super meticulous and strives to zap every last little hair. Also, the Forlle'd skincare has done wonders to balance my skin. The line is pricey... but has been worth every penny for me. I would not hesitate to have treatment done with Kam as I know she will provide the best of care. Not only are her treatments effective and efficient but she also teaches you about what she is doing. This makes the extent of her knowledge very visible. 5 stars for Kam!

Ursula L

I have been to countless number of spas in Vancouver (yes, all the 4-5 star spas in Van) and this is the spa that I would feel 100% comfortable with and confident in recommending to my friends and family. Kam is EXTREMELY knowledgeable that you need to meet her AT LEAST once if you have any skin issues and concerns because she gives very accurate, detailed and honest answers. Her philosophy is very true to heart and very in-depth. She will tell you what you exactly need. Not only will she fix your skin concerns but she will also tell you how you can maintain the skin results that you aspire to achieve so you don't have to keep coming back and spend money which makes her extremely trustworthy. If you are a skin fanatic and love to learn how to enhance your skin, you need to pick her brain. The price is a bit higher compared to some other spas but I totally justify the price for the lasting results, fast results, and useful information that Kam gives me. Kam is an amazing individual and you can always count on her for genuine answers and amazing results.

Gloria L