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Laser Hair Restoration

Treatment Time

30-40 minutes



Sessions Required

Depends on condition

Discomfort Level



What is Laser Hair Restoration?

Laser Hair restoration is safe, painless, and comes with effective results. Fotona hair restoration therapy is an innovative method using laser technology that will help get your confidence back by increasing blood flow in the scalp. Increased stimulation allows for new follicles to produce which result in fuller hair.

How does it work?

The laser stimulates dormant hair follicles by using a laser technique with the Fotona laser handpiece in a back and forth motion directly on the scalp. This technique allows hair follicles to grow in a healthy environment allowing for sufficient hair grown in thinning and balding areas.


This treatment involves continuous treatments done 2 weeks apart for optimal results.

What laser system is used for this treatment?

Fotona SP Dynamics.


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