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Rosacea Therapy

Rosacea is a persistent and progressive skin condition known for extreme sensitivity, inflammation, and redness that typically impacts the face. While it may initially manifest as occasional flushing or redness, over time, these symptoms can intensify and become more visibly apparent. At Vancouver Medi Spa, we empathize with the challenges of managing rosacea. Our dedicated team provides a range of treatment solutions to help alleviate your symptoms and enhance the appearance of your skin.



At Vancouver Medi Spa, we use a state-of-the-art Nd:YAG laser equipped with innovative technology to target rosacea effectively.

Here’s what makes our laser unique:

  • Gentle Yet Effective: This advanced laser delivers targeted energy deep into the skin, addressing the source of your rosacea without harming the surface.
  • Precise Treatment: The laser’s technology ensures minimal impact on surrounding tissues, maximizing comfort and minimizing side effects.
How do we treat Rosacea

Rosacea is a complex skin condition triggered by a combination of factors, including:

  • Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can damage blood vessels and connective tissues in the skin.
  • Oxidative Stress: Increased free radical activity can contribute to this damage.
  • Lymphatic System Involvement: In some cases, rosacea can also affect the lymphatic system, leading to fluid buildup and swelling.

These factors can manifest as the common rosacea symptoms you experience, such as redness, bumps, and pustules.

How Nd:YAG Laser Helps

Our Nd:YAG laser uses a specific wavelength of light (1064 nm) that has been proven effective in various vascular treatments.

Here’s why it’s beneficial for rosacea:

  • Targets Blood Vessels: The laser precisely targets the damaged blood vessels associated with rosacea redness and visible veins.
  • Deep Penetration: The laser energy reaches deeper skin layers, addressing the source of the problem.
  • Safe and Comfortable: The laser technology ensures minimal impact on surrounding tissues, maximizing comfort and minimizing side effects.

While more long-term studies are needed, we’re optimistic about the potential of Nd:YAG laser therapy for lasting rosacea improvement.

Here’s why this treatment is promising:

  • Effective Results: Our laser treatment targets the root cause of rosacea redness and visible veins, offering significant improvement.
  • Repeatability: Even if rosacea symptoms return, this treatment can be safely repeated to manage your condition effectively.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: For certain types of rosacea (erythematotelangiectatic), this laser therapy may be suitable as a long-term maintenance option.

The Nd:YAG laser treatment for rosacea has minimal downtime. You can expect some redness or slight swelling for 3-7 days following your treatment, which can be easily concealed with makeup.

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