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Interview with Andrea Tiller – by Emma Hansen (Sincerely, Skin)

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Interview with Andrea Tiller by Emma Hansen on Sincerely, Skin

Interview with Andrea Tiller

Andrea Tiller – makeup artist and hair stylist. Andrea originally hails from Arequipa, Peru and is based in Vancouver, Canada – that is, until she makes the move to New York this fall where she is represented by the A list agency, The Wall Group. Andrea has travelled internationally to Europe and Asia to work for major fashion houses (think Emilio Pucci, Moschino and Salcatore Ferragamo) and to beautify her celebrity clientele (most recently, Carly Rae Jepsen). With Carly, she was responsible for preparing her for major red carpet events, including the MTV European Music Awards, NRJ Music Awards in Cannes and the Billboard Music Awards, marketing campaigns for Candie’s, Coca-Cola, and Burt’s Bees and hit television shows such as American Idol. Andrea’s résumé doesn’t end there, her beauty looks have been featured in major spreads with magazines like NYLON and Flare. Her undeniable talent, paired with a friendly demeanor, professionalism and attention to detail resulting in flawless faces, have contributed to her reputation as a leading beauty artist in Canada. Follow her here: Instagram Twitter | Website 


“I’m really just a simple girl when it comes to regular skin care. I don’t do any DIY masks or anything like that. I don’t cook, so I don’t have any of those ingredients in my home anyways. Ultimately, I like a basic routine. So I usually wake up, shower, and then take off my overnight face – that glow that is really oil – with Radical Skincare Hydrating Cleanser. It’s a really hydrating, soft, cream cleanser for anti-aging. I just want my skin to feel moisturized in the morning, nothing hardcore.

Then I apply my face lotion. On the mornings when I am at home and working from my computer I don’t use an SPF. So I use Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Day Cream. It’s nice, not too heavy. My skin is sensitive and oily, so I just need something light. But when I go out and work on location I use Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen. I love it because it doesn’t interfere with makeup; it’s actually designed for those that wear it. So I do this thing where I mix my Avène and a little Clarins. I’ve also been using Armani Crema Nera Reviving Eye Compact on my eyes, I don’t have any dark circles, but I do see some little wrinkles popping up. So this cream is really, really good. I use it night and day.

Here and there I’ll use SkinCeuticals Micro‑Exfoliating Scrub, I love it because it has really fine bits that instantly soften and smooth out your skin. I only use that once or twice a week because I have such sensitive skin. I do have a Clarisonic that I use maybe once a week, my skin is just so delicate it can’t handle more than that. But it’s really good for exfoliation.

Also, I always wake up with red eyes. Maybe it’s an age thing, or maybe it’s because I don’t sleep well, but they are noticeably red in the morning. Seriously, the older I get the redder my eyes get. So Alcon Naphcon A Eye Drops are my absolute favourite. I’m an eye drop ho, and this stuff is seriously the best. I’ve tried everything, even those mint ones from Japan, but Alcon is your brand for really red eyes.

I usually wear…all of this [motions to face], so when I come home I immediately use myPhilosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming 3-in-1 Cleansing Gel for Face and Eyes. It’s a one step makeup remover and cleanser that’s great for oily skin. The one step part is key, the last thing I want to do after a long day is spend half an hour in front of the mirror before bed. So I use this and an eye cream in the evening, but I actually don’t use a face cream at night because my skin is oily. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but that’s just what I do. But when I feel like it, sometimes I use Weleda Skin Food Cream so that I wake up with really plump skin. I actually use this as a skin prep for my clients. It works on everyone. But let me emphasize that I neversleep in my makeup. I’m such a freak about taking off my makeup at the end of the day. Because if I don’t I will see the consequences on my face the next day. I would rather take off my makeup than brush my teeth. But I do both [laughs]. For a quick rinse-free removal and cleanse I also use Bioderma Solution Micellaire Peaux Sensibles. It’s a good one for travel. I was constantly on the move on tour with Carly so I would just swipe this across my face in the airport. She also introduced these Skyn Iceland Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gel masks to me. These are the best eye de-puffers I’ve ever tried – they work instantly in 10 minutes. I like to put these in the refrigerator before I use them so that they’re nice and cooling. You just put them on for 10 minutes – your skin will get tighter, and then the puff is just gone after. It’s amazing. Another good travel product is the cult favourite Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir. All of those and my eye drops, they’re my travel saviors.

andrea tiller by liz rosa

For lips, I’m currently obsessed with By Terry Baume de Rose. It’s amazing; I use it as my personal balm. It just leaves your lips so satiny and silky.

I haven’t really had many facials but the last one I got was surprisingly really nice. I’m just so scared with my sensitive skin, I have horror stories. But Forlle’d was something my friend, who is their Western Canada representative, hooked me up with. It’s this whole noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatment system from Japan – it’s won a nobel prize and everything. So basically, I lay down, and she put all of these products and ointments on my skin from this program designed specially for me. I had egg whites, pig placenta and all this weird stuff on my face, but my skin felt so incredible after. No extractions or anything, it just uses advanced technology that really works.

For my body, I use The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub. I do this about once a month, but summer is coming so I’ll be doing it more often. I always use a body lotion, and even though I have so many gifted to me, Kiehl’s is the one that never disappoints. My favourite is the Kiehl’s Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal in Grapefruit. I love the dewy sheen your body has after using it – a must have for makeup artists on set.

I’m not a big fan of fake tanning, because I know how dangerous that is. I do like self-tanning though. When I have the time, I use Sublime Bronze by L’Oréal Paris. It gives a beautiful natural glow that’s perfect for my skin tone. It’s also a gel, so I don’t find that it streaks at all. But I don’t like the smell that comes with self-tanners, so I really turn to natural tanning – I love the sun. I actually try to book as many destination jobs as possible because of that love [laughs]. With that being said, I am getting some sunspots. It must be from previous sun damage – I used to have tanning competitions with my Mom. I use Maui Babe, oh I just love it. What I do is I put one coat of regular sunscreen – so I feel better about this process – and then I put a layer of Maui Babe on to achieve great colour.

For fragrance, I either go for a really fresh, clean and fruity perfume or super musky manly cologne. I really like Miss Dior Cherie – which is actually just Miss Dior now – that’s my every day “whatever I’m just going to take a walk” one. But when I want to smell sexy, I go to Tom Ford. Tom Ford Black Orchid and Tuscan leather.

I just like to be low maintenance where I can, so I don’t colour my hair. It’s naturally bone straight so it’s easy to manage. For shampoo and conditioner, I use what’s nearby and accessible. Since I don’t dye it I feel like I can get away with using anything. I did just get a new long bob haircut – it’s slightly more work since I have to get it cut a little more than 4 times a year to manage it. There are some days I just want to dye it really light so I have that Mary Kate Olson texture, but I never pull the trigger. I did that blonde/caramel thing once, but my hair was just destroyed and it was so high maintenance – not to mention expensive – so I think that’s why I stick with my natural colour. I do love shiny, healthy hair.

I have two signature hair looks, simple straight long bob and beachy texture. To style it, I have this big process. I start by towel drying my hair followed by adding two pumps of argan oil to it. I just run that through at the ends. I am currently loving Unite Argan Oil. My hair is really slippery and fine, so when I want to add texture I’ll add Kevin Murphy Body Builder Volumizing Mousse. I put it all over. Next I spray it with Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray for some added grip and that beachy texture. Then I use the Bumble and Bumble Bb Texture Crème, on top ofall that other stuff [laughs]. Then I just use my hands to blow-dry my hair with my amazing Harry Josh blow-dryer. I love how hot and cold it gets, totally worth the investment. Plus he’s from Surrey, BC!

Next, I’ll usually run a 1” barrel curling iron through my strands to give it that perfect tousled wave. Once that’s done, I flip my hair and use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. For flyaways, I just use a random hairspray to tame the top. I always carry a mini travel spray with me during the day, cause I’ll be that girl the bathroom re-spraying her hair. The Tresemmé travel one does the job without weighing it down. I know it’s a lot, but my hair gets flat really easily and these products do it for me.

The older I get, the less time I want to spend getting ready. Is that weird? My beauty look has definitely simplified over the years; I always resort to really bright lips, a winged liner, lots of mascara, and good contouring. I love a bright orange lip. That’s my thing. A couple of my favourites are by Mac, Morange and Lady Danger are my go to colours, but anything orange and bright works for me personally. Armani also has these really amazing lip glosses calledLip Maestro and they just have beautiful bright colours that last all day. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is another great low maintenance line with some nice bright lip colours. The thing with them is you can’t layer or else it starts to crack. But you can also take your finger and use it as a stain.

My favourite mascara is Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill in Steel Black. It’s super black and I love the brush. It does everything you want for your lashes; curls, separates, and even has a shiny finish – not at all crumbly or matte. Plus it’s waterproof, once it’s on it’s on – perfect luscious lashes that last all day. Of course I also love my Make Up Forever Aqua Smoky Lash Mascarain Black. I really need something that lasts all day and is low maintenance.

It’s been my life goal to find the best bronzer for my skin tone. You know that brand Arbonne? I have their bronzer which is so well loved by me that the label is rubbed off. But it’s one of my personal favourites. I also really like Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, especially for contouring.

For the longest time I’ve been using Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation, it’s been great but as I get older my skin has been getting more oily and high maintenance. So I’ve switched to Estée Lauder Double Wear in 3W1. This is not for everybody; it’s extremely high coverage. But it’s low maintenance and I don’t have to touch up my face at all during the day when I wear this. It says “Stay-in-Place Makeup” and that’s exactly what it is. I’m blown away by it.

Then for concealer, I use It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in Neutral Medium. I just recently started playing with the whole line and it’s actually really nice. This under eye concealer is perfect for the girl who wants a bright under eye. I like to mix this with a bit of my foundation to create the perfect colour and texture. It’s also really hydrating so there’s no drying lines – just set it with a setting powder so that it doesn’t move. I use Translucent Make Up Forever powder. Not the HD stuff, I don’t want to worry about flash back, this is old school translucent powder. I really like to apply it with my beauty blender.

Then I alternate with my powders. I love the coverage of Illamasqua Powder Foundation, it’s this great British line. Or I use my Laura Mercier Foundation Powder. I love Laura Mercier. I mean their Secret Camouflage is a definite must have for makeup artists.

I always always use a blush. There’s this Dior one that I love, but it’s a demo so I can’t tell you what one it is. It’s this amazing coral that looks incredibly natural.

Then there’s my winged liquid liner. I really like Kat Von D Tattoo Liner pen, or Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. I also just recently got gifted a bunch of products form Annabelle. I’ve been using this product called Instaglam Eyeliner + Mascara Touch-Up in Abyss – it’s a blue mascara, which is my current obsession. I do like my black mascara, but then I do a little coat of colour on the tips and it completely opens up your eyes to add a bit of a twinkle. I actually learned that trick from one of my clients. It’s very subtle, but your eyes change, it’s weird. It’s not like you have blue eyelashes, it just adds a little something to make your eyes more sexy and piercing.

Eyebrows are key. I really like the Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit in Medium. You get your colour wax and powder, tweezers, and this cute little angle brush. I personally just use the colour wax because I think it looks more natural.

I’m quite boring when it comes to eye shadow. I always do a Pressed Pigent by Mac. I just rub a bit on my top lid with my fingers, and it has this really nice colour and just a hint of sparkle. Beaming is my ultimate favourite colour. If I want to add some depth I go to my favourite Nars Duo Eyeshadow pallet in Surabaya. It’s the most perfect bronze pigment palate for someone of my skin tone. So basically a cat eye, bright lip, bronzy neutral lids, and contoured cheeks. That’s me.”

andrea tiller by liz rosa


“I have a really healthy Mom, she’s all about organic products and loves eating healthy – she really looks out for that stuff. So she got me on this Bi-K + probiotic. There are different kinds, but I really like the fermented milk one. I always get sick, and I swear it’s because I was on Accutane twice, and it really lowered my immune system. In a sense I’m happy I took it because it improved my skin and it became less oily, but then I’m mad because now I get sick all the time. Anyways, this probiotic is really good. I take maybe one full thing or half of one every day. I also take K2-D3 by Cyto-Matrix. It’s great for women because it helps with bone density and carsiovascular health. I always take a multivitamin too, I really like the Women’s One Daily by MegaFood because they’re easier to digest and you can take them on an empty stomach. Another important one that I take is vitamin D, I like the NutriStart brand that you can get at Whole Foods. Vitamin D really helps to put me in a good mood during the long and sunless winters here in Vancouver.

I have a lot of cold remedies, because I can’t afford to be sick. When I’m about to get a cold I always take some Echinacea Plus by Modern Mana and it helps a lot. It’s the pure extract drops, I just plug my nose and put it right down my throat and chase with water. It’s nasty. Then I take my Emergen-C on the go. It’s always in my set bag so that on a long shoot day or when I’m sick I can just take it.

My mom gave me Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol a while ago, and literally one drop a day has been enough to change my life. Silver is an amazing mineral for immune system support, and it’s been a healing tool since ancient times because of its antimicrobial properties.

I try to be good and do my Vega shakes in my little bullet with almond milk and fruits. But I’m not vegan or vegetarian or anything. I’m an “I eat whatever I want whenever I want” girl. I think cutting out everything dairy, gluten and meat is how people get sick, I mean most people do it because it’s trendy, not because they need to – most of the time they don’t even understand what it is they’re cutting out of their diet. When I want something solid in the morning I’ll putHoly Crap in with my yogurt. It’s completely catered to the “vegan, lactose free, gluten free” crowd, but it’s got a lot of good stuff in it, like chia seeds, buckwheat, hulled hemp seeds, and cinnamon, plus I like that it tastes good too.

My favourite meal is a late lunch, but I don’t really have a schedule or an agenda, when my body is hungry I eat. And I definitely don’t diet or cut anything out before a big event, I just choose my clothing wisely [laughs]. I don’t force myself, I’m just conscious about what healthy food is. It’s because my Mom and Dad are so healthy and it totally shows on their face and skin. I look to what they eat, because my Dad is 70 and he doesn’t have a wrinkle on his face, and my mom is 63 and she looks like a 40 year old bombshell, everyone thinks were sisters. So I like my fruits and vegetables, but I also like my steaks and burgers. But I do not like McDonalds or KFC, I refuse to eat it. For work I’ll take banana chips, almonds and dried cranberries with me for snacks. Once I come home at the end of the day I immediately throw my bags on the floor and crash, so I can’t bring foods that will go bad.

My biggest indulgences are pastries and croissants. A warm croissant, coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. Mmm. When you can see the orange juice being made in front of you – that’s the best.

I love my mojitos and sangria. I don’t really drink alcohol unless I’m in a social setting. Whenever I want one I get one, but I’m not an alcoholic [laughs]. I do have to be careful when I go out though, it takes me like 2 days to recover…not like the good old days. All that being said, I look to people like J Lo – she doesn’t drink. And she has the most amazing skin in the world. I want that flawless skin. But it’s incredibly difficult to eliminate alcohol because it’s such a social thing. That’s the only reason I drink it.


“I walk a lot. Let’s just put it that way. I grew up being active, I was a big tennis girl in high school; I went to provincials and everything. I was good at any racket sport really, and I was also into kickboxing. Oh my god, I used to have the best body [laughs]. Once I get to New York I will try that SoulCycle thing that everyone is doing. You just cycle to great music, right? I’m into that. I love every work out that doesn’t feel like a workout.

I do fantasize about having a personal trainer though, I just can’t commit right now. I’m always working, and I literally don’t have a day off between working fashion, celebrity and bridal in Vancouver – but that’s ok because I love what I’m doing. And moving to New York and working with The Wall Group will only make me fall more in love with my job – and probably get me into better shape [laughs]. After doing all of my research and meeting with the best of the best in New York, I really feel like The Wall Group is a perfect fit for me. I admire their artists for the careers they’ve created, and I can’t wait to be part of the family.”


interviewed and edited by Emma Hansen, May 2014 

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