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Hyalogy Platinum Eye Cream

Hyalogy Platinum Eye Cream


Antioxidant eye cream

This cream containing low-molecular weight ionized platinum resists the action of all known forms of active oxygen and helps restore youthfulness of the most exposed to ageing and vulnerable skin around the eyes by levelling pigmentation, preventing swelling, adding hydration and tone to the skin.

Its unique formula strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases skin tonus and improves blood and lymph microcirculation in the periorbital area, thus reducing visible bags and circles under the eyes. Particularly, this product is recommended for mature, atonic, dry, pigmented skin and suffering from the effects of smoking and unhealthy diet.


Suitable for oily, hyperpigmentation skin of any age. Particularly recommended for mature atonic skin.

Active ingredients:

Ionized platinum, Low-molecular hyaluronic acid, Pearl protein, Ceramides-3, Vitamin E, Amino acids

Method of application:

Apply to cleansed skin, massage lightly around eye area.