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7 Spa Treatments For Hydrated WINTER SKIN

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1  Vancouver Medi Spa – Nanotechnology Medical Skin Therapy
One of the top places in Vancouver to go to that offers exceptional treatments specializing in anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. When it comes to anything to do with your skin and keeping its glow alive, (and we know how hard it is to do that in the winter) Medi Spa’s services are sure to help with this ongoing issue.

This new high tech skincare line is getting rave reviews that your skin is visibly different after just one use. The technology used in this treatment is called Forlle’d – which is a scientifically advanced skincare range from Japan. This patented formula is giving its customers skin that is visibly brighter and more toned, radiant, while giving you your youthful glow back.

A few benefits of this treatment are improvement of the skin’s structure and appearance, longer lasting moisture within your skin, restoring balance of the skin, and postponing aging (who doesn’t want that?).

Price: $229.50
Location: 1060 Hornby Street
Website: https://vancouvermedispa.ca/

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Image Credit: Vancouver Medi Spa